Workshops Corais

Vasco Negreiros
Vasco Negreiros
Jeremy Dibb
Jeremy Dibb

During the choral week a number of optional workshops will be presented by our artists in residence. In 2023 you may choose to attend all or some of the following:

Poetics in Music – Vasco Negreiros

Analysis of poetic-musical rhetoric based on the theoretical musical figures of Johann Burmeister, using the work Da Jakob vollendet hatte, by Hermann Schein, as an example;

Intonation in the Vocal Ensemble – Vasco Negreiros

Theoretical understanding and practical application of exercises aimed at improving harmonic priority tuning in vocal ensemble music.

The Ageing Voice – Jeremy Dibb

We all know that our bodies change as we age – this is inevitable. But is it inevitable that our singing voices also have to change. The session explores the physical changes of ageing that impact on our singing – and what we can do about it.

Singing with children – and why this approach is essential for adults – Jeremy Dibb

Based on 35 years of music education experience – this session explores practical examples of singing techniques for children and why they are ideal for singers of all ages.

Learning by rote with solfa – the benefits – Jeremy Dibb

Some choirs sit on chairs and read complicated scores – some choirs stand up and learn by rote – it is all singing. This session explores the benefits of singing by rote on musical memory and intonation and explores simple solfa to support this learning.