ZêzereArts Choral and Vocal Programmes

The ZêzereArts Choral Programme for 2023 will be announced very shortly. 

The dates will be 15th to 23rd 0f July 2023

ZêzereArts runs a variety of annual choral and vocal courses as part of the ZêzereArts Festival. These courses are aimed at providing professional level experience and development for students, young and developing professionals and experienced amateurs. All our programmes and residencies lead to live performances at the ZêzereArts Festival.

The ZêzereArts choral and vocal programmes are very much international events over the years welcoming students and teachers from across the world.

For a course to suit your level and experience click on the links below:

Festival Chorus

Featured Choirs

Accredited Courses: Choral Conducting – Choral and Ensemble Singing – Solo Singing