Brice Sailly

Brice Sailly regularly performs as a soloist and in recital during the Folles Journées de Nantes, in La Roque d’Anthéron, at the Saint-Riquier Festival, salle Gaveau, in Lausanne, at the Palace of Versailles, in Rome, Reykjavik, Buenos Aires and Tokyo.

Alongside Stephanie de Failly, Sailly co-directs Clematis, an ensemble specializing in 17th-century repertoires.

He recently founded the ensemble, La Chambre Claire, with which he recorded a programme dedicated to François Couperin for the publisher Ricercar-Outhere (Choc de Classica, 5 Diapasons).

Brice Sailly collaborates with several ensembles: Collegium Vocale de Ghent (Philippe Herreweghe), Le Caravansérail (Bertrand Cuiller), Pulcinella (Ophélie Gaillard), Il Seminario Musicale (Gérard Lesne), Faenza (Marco Horvat), Stradivaria (Daniel Cuiller), The Sacquebutiers de Toulouse, Notturna (Christopher Palameta), Les Accents (Thibaut Noally), Alia Mens (Olivier Spilmont), Les Ombres (Margaux Blanchard and Sylvain Sartre).

Open to other musical fields, Brice Sailly is a founding member of the French-Icelandic music creation group Süsser Trost and has collaborated with B.O.X., Efterklang, Murcof and Marion June.

After completing his studies with Elisabeth Joyé, Sailly continued his training at the National Conservatory of Music in Paris with Olivier Baumont, Blandine Rannou and Kenneth Weiss. He deepened his knowledge through the contact he established with personalities such as Pierre Hantaï, Skip Sempé and Fabio Bonizzoni.

Holder of the Certificat d’Aptitude, he teaches harpsichord and basso continuo at CRR in Rueil-Malmaison and in Oslo-Trondheim.