Accredited Professional Summer Courses

Choral Conducting - Choral and Ensemble Singing - Solo Singing
July 14th – 24th 2022

ZêzereArts Accredited Professional Courses are now scheduled to begin in July 2022 as part of the 2022 ZêzereArts Festival. Applications will open in Autumn 2021.

These courses, offer professional development to selected conductors and singers and an amazing opportunity to work with internationally renowned conductors and vocal coaches.

This intensive 10-day summer course based in Tomar, Portugal, is led by ZêzereArts Artistic Director, Brian MacKay and features our special guest teachers, Kaspars Putnins and Geert Berghs. This exciting opportunity is made possible through Musicamera Produções, our parent organisation, accredited by DGERT (Direção-Geral do Emprego e das Relações de Trabalho).

Selected candidates will receive expert daily coaching and support, individual evaluations and a certificate of Professional Level Accreditation from DGERT.

Designed with a holistic approach, our course is made up of three interconnected strands, places for which are limited in order to maintain the highest standards and to ensure individual guidance for all participants:

Choral Conducting 

Working with Kaspars Putnins, Geert Berghs and the ZêzereArts vocal ensemble, Záve, this course is aimed at experienced choral conductors wishing to further develop their gesture, rehearsal techniques and vocal pedagogy. All candidates will also have the opportunity to participate in ensemble singing and individual vocal tuition. 

Ample podium time  ·  performances  ·  score analysis and preparation  ·  daily instruction · ensemble singing · individual vocal tuition 

Solo Singing

Singers will work with Geert Berghs, Brian MacKay and professional accompanists. This course will focus on the interpretative and technical demands of the song and operatic repertoire.  

Individual and group tuition · performances/recitals ·  coaching ·  repertoire development · role and audition preparation

Choral and Ensemble Singing 

Singers will work with Kaspars Putnins, Geert Berghs and Záve. This course will concentrate on the development of professional-level ensemble and choral singing. 

Individual and group tuition  ·   performances ·   vocal technique ·  performance practices and styles ·  audition preparation.

Application info

Autumn 2021

Please submit the form below for further information about the application process.

    Fees and Accommodation

    All selected candidates will be required to send their deposit* payment (50% of course fee) in order to secure their place. 

    Course fee: €400
    This includes your tuition fees only. 

    Course fee + level 1 accommodation: €600
    This includes your tuition fee, plus 10 nights accommodation in a single room ensuite. Breakfast is not included.

    Course fee and level 2 accommodation: €700(single) €615(pps) 
    This includes your tuition fee, plus 10 nights accommodation  in a 2 star hotel. Breakfast is not included.

    Course fee and level 3 accommodation €1,120(single) €845(pps)

    This includes your tuition fee, plus 10 nights accommodation in a in a four star hotel, including breakfast.