Where is Tomar?

Tomar is about 140KM North of Lisbon, located in the municipality of Santarém, between Lisbon and Coimbra. It is easily accessed by main transport routes. There is a good intercity motorway between main cities. 

Here is a link to the Tomar website: www.cm-tomar.pt


To which airport should I travel?

Tomar can be accessed from either Lisbon or Porto airports, However the fastest way to get to Tomar is via Lisbon airport. There is a direct metro link from the airport into Lisbon city, where you can pick up a regional train from Oriente station direct to Tomar. The train from Oriente to Tomar takes about 2 hours. If you choose to travel from Porto airport the train journey is about 4-5 hou

How do I get to Tomar from Lisbon airport?

To get to Tomar from Lisbon airport take the metro to Oriente Train Station. There is a frequent regional train service to Tomar. The train journey from Oriente is approximately 2 hours. For all train times, prices and route planning, please consult www.cp.pt.

How do I get to Tomar from Porto airport?

From Porto airport, take the metro to São Bento or Campanhã train station. From there, catch an Alfa or Intercidades train to Entroncamento and from there a regional train to Tomar. The train journey is approximately 4-5 hours. ForFor all train times, prices and route planning, please consult www.cp.pt.

How do I get to Tomar from Faro airport?

From Faro Airport, take a taxi to Faro train station (approximately 15 minutes, depending on traffic). From there, you can either take a train north to Lisbon’s Oriente train station and change to a regional service to get to Tomar, or take a train north to Entroncamento and from there change to the regional train to Tomar. The train journey is approximately 7-8 hours. For all train times, prices and route planning, please consult www.cp.pt.

How do I get to my hotel from Tomar train station?

There is a taxi rank in front of the train station, and it is a short trip to any of the hotels. For those that travel light and prefer to walk, the hotels listed on our site are within a 15 minute walk from the train station.

How do we travel to events during the festival?

Bus transport will be provided to ZêzereArts events as required. Some events will be within walking distance of the hotel.


What day should I arrive?

You should aim to arrive in Tomar no later than 2pm on Saturday, July 11th in order to be on time for registration and the first rehearsal.

What time is the first rehearsal?

The first rehearsal will begin following registration on Saturday, July 11th at the Levada building –  see.

How busy will I be? Will there be any free time?

Festival choir participants generally have an average of six hours of rehearsal per day, in the morning (9.30am – 1pm) and in the afternoon/evening (4 – 7pm) with coffee breaks. The long lunch-break allows time for a swim, a siesta or for exploring Tomar’s many interesting sights.
Festival choir participants may also apply for the Catch Ensembles and/or Daily Plainsong, which will involve an extra hour/30 minutes of rehearsal time per day, respectively.
On concert days, the afternoon rehearsal is altered according to the dress rehearsal schedule of each concert venue and/or to allow for travel. The concert schedule is available here www.zezerearts.com/festival-programme.

Is there a timetable available?

An outline schedule will be issued in advance, while a detailed schedule will be issued daily to enable us to adapt to the needs of the music.
For those who booked for singing lessons, you will be introduced to your teacher during the first rehearsal and will schedule your 3 lessons directly with your teacher.
‘Catch Ensembles’ participants will also be introduced to their tutors during the first rehearsal. The ‘Catch Ensembles’ will generally take place after lunch, although your tutor may decide to alter this schedule according to the group’s rehearsal needs.


Do I book my own accommodation?

Yes, you need to book your own accommodation. Our accommodation page lists our recommended hotels. We advise that you should book directly with the hotels and quote ZezereArts festival to avail of special ZêzereArts rates instead of booking via third-party sites.

Food & Drinks

What do we eat?

Tomar has a range of dining options, from cheap and cheerful cafes offering soups, sandwiches and salads, and traditional, family-owned restaurants offering lunchtime specials to more international restaurants.


Where do I find the music scores?


Your music scores/details of editions to purchase will be sent to you in advance.

Do I need to bring a folder for my music?

You should bring a black folder to hold the unbound music for concerts.


What do I wear for concerts?


Men should wear all black, including black closed-toe shoes. Women should wear black trousers or a long black skirt, with a block coloured top. Detailed information is sent to participants in advance of the Festival.

Where can I buy tickets for concerts?

All concerts are free, and no advance booking is required. Your visitors may wish to arrive early to ensure a seat in some of the smaller venues.


Planning for the ZêzereArts Festival 2021 is ongoing, taking into account the various contingencies as, like everyone else, we are watching the ongoing Covid-19 situation and its impact on travel. In April we will either open bookings for the Festival or, if necessary, postpone for another year.